Monday, September 20

Monster Yee !

I want a lot of special prizes :)
*ta malu

GOD , please bless me

I`me not getting older I`m just a little closer to death.

I`m only as old as I act.

may my wishes come true  

and and

We know we're getting old 
when the only thing we want for our birthday is
 not to be reminded of it.

Sunday, September 19

Open House Ros Haziqqah

tallest , ME


Teruskan Menjemput SAYA  Ke Rumah Terbuka Anda !

terima kasih
thank you
xie xie


Monday, September 13

sorrow friends

Friends , You`re The Faker !

BFF , It`s Not you laa my dearest dear ..

But The Friend`s Faker 

yeah , YOU !

 Double L
Middle Finger


damn , YOU are bad girl , so so bad !

fo you READERS ,
better know your friends 
or else , you`ll get burned
just like ME !

and YOU my faker friends ,
why did`nt you care ?
you where never there fo me

start Backstabbing me
I`m Ready !

weyyh ! doo you know that you`re so SNOBBY ?
I admit that i LOVE you
but when it comes to being the best friends
babe , you ain`t to be one !

and and

stop pretending to be my friends , please
it hurt me so badly and more than anything in this miserable world
i`m so sick and tired acting that i`m fine
i`m so incredibly sad 
because of your DID !
you ruined it , babe


not for my mistake but fo my words 


Sunday, September 12

Saturday, September 11

Activities On Eid - Day 2

melepaskan rindu dengan melayan anak-anak buah ))

dan mengembangkan kembali badan ((

*sedih , mokmok balik ((

and and , NEW HAIR ))


Friday, September 10

Activities On Eid - Day 1

Jamming On The First Day Of Eid 

Vocalist : me me me !
Bass : Abah
Lead : Bro Awie
Drummer : Faizal Tahir`s Clone


Thursday, September 9

Persiapan Dan Ketibaan )) *waah , full sentence

AWAY to Pahang ))

eh eh , aku di kampung laa *gedik watwat tekejut  

waah  dengan pantas aku tiba di Raub , Pahang
betolak jam 9 sampay at 10 something laa , pantas rite ?
the road was so clear , i wonder why , hee

sampay je , the first thing i do is eat kuih raya maa , hee
i`m the one who merasmikan segala kuih yang de , lalala
you know , girls .hha
eh , fo those yang na euw euw tu
be open k , sempitnye otak !

before na pegy tu sempat laa na Skype dengan bubu
sepuas yang mungkin cause bubu said that
no more skyping after this
cause bubu gune his sista lappy
so lil bit diff to borrow it oftenly .
we start skyping at 3 and end at 8 . haaa

so sleepy leeh , baju ta pack lagy and
my dad da knockknock asked fo cepat siap
grr , geram juga but its my fault tu , gedik ta pack earlier ^^'

puasla juga tonton bubu tat webcam tu )) *ta puas tau !
bubu said that he afraid that he cant tahan rindu  lamalama, * sweet an ?
but tepakselaa ((
saba ey b , will make it ! man man laa , hee ))

miss you and love you sayang ))

Straight From My Forbidden Heart

Dear sayang ...

i dont have the prettiest face fo you to look at ,

i dont have the skinniest waist fo you to hold

but i do promise the biggest heart to love you with ..

yeah , i talked with other guys ,

like them and laugh with them too but

NONE of them will ever mean to me as much as you do

and and

you know what ,

 if i had a chance to tell you how much you mean to me

i will never get a chance to finish it 

and if loving you is wrong so i dont want to be right !

YOU are my ONE in a NINE BILLION <3 <3

so now let the rain pour as much as it can cause we dont know when it will drop again ))

* copyright syeeqa sam

Sunday, September 5

Camp Rock 2 - The Final Jam !



it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E !! (while making weird faces )
i miss the first part cause doing my prayers
but there is e replay , tomorrow nighteyy ))
cant wait to check it out again !
the songs was great and the dance move really grooveyy ))
my mum ! we watched it together , with my youngest sis too
then , my mum keep asked me questions that so irritating

mum ; kakak , why Mitchie looks diff nyy or they change the heroin eh ?
me ; she change her hair color la bu , still the old mitchie
mum ; why black ? ta cantik !
me ; na`a , better then before , cantik pe rambut hitam

ten minutes after that ...

mum ; dorang tuka hero juga kan kan , kak
me ; ibuu , no no ..same ! its all about the RAMBUT ! grr
mum ; oooh , garangnye debab ibu nyy
me ; haa , so do you ibu

then we  laugh , hhahhahaha

but i do realize that , my lil sis whispering along the time
but i`m not listening really cleary , just anguk anguk and said ' hmm'

hha , btw it was great movie , like super WOW !
fo those who love music , if you miss it , so rugi !

Love Nick ! he`s so hot like , me , wanna bake e cookie on him !
ouch ! so hot when he sang the songs about him ))

eh eh , the ending part love it !
slow-mow version , i`m expecting that will happen
but still the movie was greateyy !
you dont even think bout the ending
hha , fell like a childish but So What ?!
enjoy ))


misssing it badly ))



p/s ; yang lain jangan touchingtouchg
photos ini di jumpai setelah memantau filefile yang ada
so please , no heart feeling ))

i miss you guys so much ))

and the person i miss most is


if b cheated on me like he use to , sayang dah tatau nak buad pe dah ((
i hope both of us keep our promises yang we made tu .
plus , i`m giving up to find true love again
so stick with me , stay with me and here by me 

waah , jiwang "))

Friday, September 3

last day of school ))

kad raya mereka ))
thanks ; choqa , pika and maria

p/s ; maaf pacik macik yang ta terpengang kad raya nya
terima kasih daun keladi
next year bagi dengan duit raya sekali ))

it was our last schoool before attending fo trial 
eh , before that !
 tee ! i`m so sorry fo not informing you 
that aku pegy sekola 
mak kau ta bg cuti sendiri ((
 i`m awfully sorry and it was bored 
when you are not around !
account one`s student ,  iheartyousomuch ! ))

Wednesday, September 1


bengang !
teramatla sangatsangat marahmarah gilegila!
pissed f*****g off !

yes , i`m pissed off with you , J***K ! Loser !
the whole life i spend with you , the time i sacrifice a lot fo you
HYPOCRITE sangatsangat la kau nyy !
dah lama aku simpan and deep inside my heart ,
 i`m willing to buang perasaan ny jauhjauh , fo you
 and just because of i care about your feelings
but setelah KAU make that kind of statement ,
you pissed me off man ! oyy oyy !
what the h**l are you doin to me ??!
on what purpose you did this f***ng thing to me ??
did i do any wrong o there is something
that kau tak puas hati ?
tell me , dude ! tell me laa , face me !
damn laa ! sumpah ta faham
what kind of friends that
sanggup jadi hypocrite and pretend to be someone else
just because to be friends with everybody !
back-stab aku pulaa tu , besnyee ))
wtf laa !! this is just not f***ing fair !
kau ingat aku na sangat ke nak kawan dengan kau !
aku ta batak pun , i`m being so f***ing nice to you
 just because of TERPAKSA sangatsangat , no mercy !
swear to god ! i`m regretting when the time
we met and we became friends
 damnlaa !  aku just nak kawan
yang betulbetul bole jadi kawan sampai aku mati !
NOT kawan perangai s***n macam kau !
I`m BEGGING here ! stop doin this , please
i just want a thing that needed in true friends relationship 
i want a BFF !
 great BFF , thats it ! susah sangat ke ?

kau ingat aku nak sangat ke marahmarah nyy
aku ny Hamba Allah yang kurang sempurna
but still i have perasaan that needed to be care of
i`m not a perfect match and no guts to be your bff but
i just na hubungan yang sihat ))
dahlaa , maybe its my fate and had been written that
i will never ever and ever will get a bff , great friends
that always support me and be there fo me
not just because of bad purpose
it because they accept me the way i am
but na`a ..still have doubt on it ))
Like Leya saind , Worlds Surrounds With Fake People !
and now i trust nobody !
i`m sorry fo the uses of my no manners word , its my blog ..

p/s - please dont ask me who ! 
and it just luahan perasaan so NO heart feeling .
i`m not the one who reti luahkan perasaan to somebody else .
it just takot susah an orang plus this way is better )) 
so thanks fo the time that you spend fo my crappy blog .thanks again !
and and if you guys na cakap that i am
 -suckich , loser , jerk and sewaktu denganye ..just say it !
alhamdulillah ))

i`m waiting fo tomorrow ..