Sunday, June 27

we`re Binoot :)

Ikhwan Fahmi Raini
6.10 p.m.

Wednesday, June 16

it is call fun till die in

The Hilarious Evening



hangout :))
shopping till drop 
damn its fun ,and the best part is we spend our time
at pizza hut ..laughing all the time
gabungan jokes : me , eya , pika and fahmi
damn kitorang masuk air , lol :))
sumpah people surround put on eye on us
and fahmi start felling so embarrass with us
finally he joined us , laughing like crazy  :))
hha , after a lot of laughing 
sume mengadu had headache ..yoh ,hha
a lot of accident happen :) *its our secret
sorry for not telling you guys this 
cause it is e last minute 
fyi , i have to spent time with you and them :)
hope uguys dont mind <3

Monday, June 7

crocs , throw it away !

while i`m online my facebook , suddenly i saw this link !
omg , seriously i was shocked and kesian gile pada sesiapa yang dah pakay :((
ak tenguk balik tat label tu , mg serupa bentuk nama Allah s.w.t !!
hope yang de terbely o yang terpakay , buat lah the thing you should do
i`m speechless .. 
spread the news A.S.A.P :((

Sunday, June 6

expression through hardness

i love you so much A !

ya ya ya , i know you`re cute

i`m so happy to be with you

waah , senget lah :D

what just happen to us 

it was e past !

you gave me your watch

you said that you love me .

we date in front of library ,

kita mencankung ,hha

on that day , pimple at the same place , waah !

i betrayed you ;(   i`m sorry

you run away from me ..

i`m missing you

i saw you in distance

but now , you gave me your number

we texted and called

you gave me second chance ;)

i`m in love again

without doubt , i fallin` for you

byebye, is the last word for you and me..

Saturday, June 5



we are so gorgeous aren't we ?
agree ..
waaah , i love to be in a beauty
but i`m not corny yeh !

for the first time my mum bagy hangout on my own
hha , excited tau :) waaaah
kami yang pergy gather at putri`s place
actually , si puteri ny tana pegy but
after persuade her , dye follow ..
na ask si senget to follow , dye di Cameron pulaa :(
but sometime we need to be use to hang without e boo ..

we had fun , meet guys , hawa and ayam golek ..yummy !
her sis memang cantik ! sangat ..
hawa almost cry seeing her kakak besanding
waaah , she really do love her kakak :) jealous 
na karaoke but ta sempat laa cause kne balik awal ..
then as usual ,masuk air ..we talking and do silly things
hha , we just be ourselves ! waaah ..

balik tu kitorang tumpang hawa`s friends :)

ATTENTION : pada yang tiada ,
 jangan cakap aku ta ajak and
this is last minute invitation ,
so i hope , kamu jangan na gedikgedik merajuk :)

and the besst part is i`m in love with someone , 
damn he`s damn cute !
the cutest creature ever i bet ,
damn he melt my heart awayy ..
can you imagine what it is
waaaah , here it is 

mama kiss <3

mama wannabe

he`s cuteness melt my fragile heart :)
waaah , i wish i could have one 
someday ..

little razorblade :)

Friday, June 4

sengal :D

merayap merayap merayap
waah , tade keje hary ny ..
gy s.m teman pika tindik
hha , aku tetbe teringin na tindik lidah but takut lubang tu ta tutup balik
and the reason why i refuse to tindik lidah because my beloved text me mcm ny :
'oi , kamu islam kan ?'
'ta payahla . Ta elokla '
hhe , terus ta jd :)
then pika brought us cincin , murah je
as Friends Ring ,waaah <3
but by the time ngah merayap uh
waah , perut grawling jee
na makn tp memng tidak sempat
finally , i buy a nasi lemak in front of e 7e tu
then makan at masyur
kenyaang :)
then ingat dpatla date jap but busy la dye
waah , missing you hun
and i`m all alone
jalan kaki malam malam , best !
men hujan jap :)
btw , cant wait for tomorrow
yowh ,account meyh
hoish ! die la ..
no pic cause really starved tadi ,ta ingt pun na snap
to my senget , saya makn ingat perut !
i love you readers and YOU <3