Tuesday, November 29


Assalamualaikum , 


Its like i miss you so much , yeahh i really do
I dont know why what when but yeahh always do
She miss me too kott but not much as I do ?

She's a good friend of mine.
She's cute , funny , bubbly bubbly and bubbly, not much too say but she is MANJA.
She teach me a lot. I learnt from him almost everything. She is a good teacher that I adore.
I love to make her laugh again and again. I dont want her to get hurt again and again.

She's the most faithful truthful loving creature I ever met.
She love his ex too much , beyond much. Mark this BEYOND! yeahh she is and always do
So when she with me I try to make her not to remember of the hurt thing and and
 I"ll do anything everything i can so that he will laugh and keep on smiling 
gigling and crying cause lot of laughing , hahaha it is just too much for a baby like her
I want her to be haappy , no matter what she do i'll be with her
She is the one that all wooa-men ever wanted
I miss her

miss her laugh , miss her cuteness , miss her words , miss her tiny lil finggy , miss her hair
which I lied ..hahahahaha

Thanks Toyol for everything. I dont love you. LOL

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

College Life

Assalamualaikum , 

Tadaaaaa , yeahh I have my own logo for my company..

Okay this is my company that provide you a services and product to be sold
haha , its a fake company and soon gonna be real , i guess
its for my group assignment , we have to make a logo so tadaa, made it sendiri okayyy
presentation paling comel , kami laa :)
pendrive kene virus so everything inside is gone , sumpah bengang but still redhaa je laa

 And I always got  place for an event , well thanks to them
I've to attend this Kebudayaan event , kinda nothing but stil we had fun , we always doo 

And and I've been to stadium and yeahh watch footbal laa apa lagi
Selangor VS Perak
seriously confiuse nak sokong mana but manage to sokong both , hahaha
How ? With thisss..

wearing a red color shirt and shawl with banner perak and tatoo perak
yeahh , im gooooooood rite  hahahaaahaaahahahahahha
had fun gilaa because  Selangor won , woohoo
mahu kene tibai dengan kak zilaa lepas tu and and budak perak
budak selangor kene tahan , pity them sob sob



so yeahh btw new look , do you like it ?
i mean new look for the blog , its too simple right so yeahh gonna find something somewhere soon 
thanks cause always with me bloggers , love you
 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Friday, November 18

Sem One is a Past Tense

Assalamualaikum ,

Yeahh Its over. I mean almost past my semester one so yeahhh , its coming.
Well there is two exam more to sit but still IM OVER babehh!
Its been a long time since the last day I update this biggy woogly blog
I am sorry 
so this will be the longest post I ever post *ehemm not really

There are a lot of thing happened in my first sem. Ada best ada fuck gilaa but yeahh I am enjoying my sem.
But I am way too much in breaking the rules , thank god it settled.
And I met new friends that stick with me. There are good friends, Best Friends, Close Friends.
Can wait for the junior nak masuk , yeayyy get ready to cuci mata. Hahahahaha

Supposedly I have to stay outside for the next semester but yeahh I dont think so.
Its way too early to be out there and really be an indepedent girl,
 I mean you have to pay rent , eat at the cheapest place you can find and yeahh its hard to be out there.
so Alhamdulillah dapat stay in the kamsis (kamar siswi)

About the breaking rules , Ouchh ouch damn damn ouch! 
The fly thing is the extremely huge mistake I ever done! Sumpah menyesal and it really kinda stupid thingy
thank god the warden is being damn nice and yeahh she love us so yeahh kami terlepas
sumpah fobia gilaa nak hang out and the buku keluar masuk still dengan warden, hahaha
We are crying like crazy and yeahh being caught is not really a good thing okayy
so my advice is if nak fly
  1. Jangan fly secara ramai-ramai so that tak ramai tahu
  2.  Jangan sampai kantoi or warden tahu *penting
  3.  Dont ever make it often
  4. Jangan fly cause akan menyusahkan orang lain
so better ikut advice num 4 cause yeahh better jangan fly , hahaha

Study. Its fun fun fun and the lecturers are ------------>> AWESEOMEEE!
I got the highest carry mark for ITB, FEnglish and yeahh Im good. Hahahahaha poyo-zzzz
The assignment is suck and really menyesal sangat sangat but
 the most creative and colorful assignment ever is my ITB assignment. 
Damn I am enjoying my time doing it and the only assignment yang boleh tampal tampal and make it colorful
fuhhh.. hilang stress buat assignment, maybe sebab tu dapat markah lebih , hahahahaha

Enough saying , I myself get bored and I dont think you manage to read this
so the memory is in the photo..

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw