Thursday, May 26

I call it bad moment.

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

okay this is the reason why i rarely update my blog

this is beyond rasa sedih la kann ? hujung dunia nii , perghhh
 and the worst part is HE CAN'T change the place !

if there is a word that describe more than sangat teramat sedih , i'll use it
i'm gonna miss you , miss us , miss the moment we had 

#the time when you act like you dont see me when i'm staring at you
#you giggling when in a middle of any conversation i suddenly ask you "sayang syang ta?"
#onthephone when babytalk is up then the 'dato dato' gedik thing 
#breakfast , lunch , dinner 
#you say "alohloloh" when i make my face like i'm about to cry
#when i can't stop messing up with your hair , tickling , punching and pinching 
#everywhere and anytime kita main OSOM OSOM :')

harihari nak nagis tapi bukan bole buad dato balik sini punn
well congrats and imgonnamissyousomuchdato' 
i always do

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Saturday, May 21

Vimeo Tittle :sayabenciawakbuatsayajatuhcinta

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

 from cstproduction on Vimeo.

okay ini agak-sikit-bolela-memang-sangat  rasa na buad bunyii "awwwwwwh"
memang susahlaa nak jumpa orang buad macamni , terr terr baiik la kann ?

ps. ending dia best , eh eh terr terr bagitahu pulaa , aww aww
and dato' its for you :)

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Friday, May 20


Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

Last day fo everyone , terr terr baiik la kann ?

congrats Bulan and Nana cause daapat offer , goodluck and do take care of yourself

Today is so complicated , I dont really expect this will happen and why did he said that to me ?
what is wrong with him
but really , I thought that we'll never meet again but I'm wrong !

damnit , I hate this moment this time but its so complicated , I'm in dilemma

I said crap , idgad -.-

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Wednesday, May 18

Chlorine Victim

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

and and i dont expect that this is our last day together :'(

we had so much fun fun fun
swimming , falling , screaming , drowning and waaving

balik terus 'laawe' *penat* and tertido la masingmasing but kejap je then Huha-Huha baliik
first time pergi jauhjauh with my friends , awesome day ever

nak lagi bole ? LOL
apaapapun , they are leaving me and hope that they will not forget me


ps. balik upload update tido
terr terr terrbaiik

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Farewell & Birthday Greetings

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

Farewell NS cadet , will miss yeaah
and and and

 Happy Birthday :) 

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Tuesday, May 17

Awesome VIMEO from cstproduction

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

i always love the way they made something yang really cool and awesome
and and the best part is they are using DSLR


actually dah lama stalker production ni and and terr terr terrbaiik !

from cstproduction on Vimeo.

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw

Monday, May 16

Happy Teachers Day

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

Nak paste gambar satu satu cikgu memang ta habisla post ni so short post

Happy Teachers Day

thanks fo giving me this priceless thing , you guys are so precious to me
im so sorry fo ta bagi hadiah tahun ni sebab saya dah ta sekolah *perlukecakap?
so this post will be as a present , not physically la kann 
aiviyeuw techers :')

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you 
thank you thank you thank you 
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you so much so thanks sesangat sangat

this thanks will never be enough fo you but ni je yang mampu nak cakap , lol

hopefully i'll be a teacher too , soon , amiin

The best teacher don't give the student answers. They just point the 
way and let us make our own choices, our own mistakes.

 rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw ♥


Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

Keputusan rayuan is expected will be announced at the second week  in June 2011.
 If tiada surat tawaran from IPTA four weeks after the public registration of the appeal is considered FAILED.

Hubungi sebarang pertanyaan ; 03 88835858 /03 88835848 / 03 88835801

its a rumors so be chill and calm.
macam ta sabar je nak masuk belajar , biar lambat asal masuk UiTM
ibuabah , thanks fo supporting me and to my awesome friends te te terima kasih auuw
HAHA , waah macam ucaapan dapat anugerah tau 

Sitting , Talking , Unlimited Messaging , Dreaming , Yawning

HAHAHAHAHAHA *gelkatacover

 rawwrrawwr , iloveyou ♥

Sunday, May 15

Farewell Season

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann


i am so not in mood , will miss you guys :'(
and and too many things happen today and seriously memang buad hilang mood

NS Cadette , korang jumpa kawan baru jangan lupaa aku and call me if dah dapat phone 
U / College Student , jealous gila sangat gila and miss me please

and and yang still waiting goodluck .

ps. nak sebut nama sorang sorang , i will never finish it so terasalaaa .

 rawwrrawwr , iloveyou ♥

Thursday, May 12

Mini-Reunion Acc 1

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Skate Park
Pasar Petaang 

Mini-reunion fo Malay-girls Acc 1 cause this will be our last day of gathering
UiTM/Matrix/National Service

Theme Pink/Red 

We had fun fun fun , extremely fun fun fun and fun

Will miss you gediksgilassgirlss :') and already missing you
i'll cry so say no more

ps. photo choqa ta upload lagii , so will be update (again)

 rawwrrawwr , iloveyou ♥

Saturday, May 7

UPU Result.

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann 


thanks fo those yang support and no-stop giving me hope and faith
yelaa you you you and you , haa youu laa

dah dah , ta nangis dah , aww aww *gedikgileew 

so now what should i do ?

tunggu rayuan
cari kerja la kott , err -.-
habiskann duit
meronggeng and santai di padang
breakfast and lunch

honestly i do really really extremely upset gilaa but uitm tu tana terima , kdah kfine
rayuan is the only hope nak masuk uitm

sedih sedih sedih sangat sangat laaa

eh eh , congrats yang dapat uitm merata-rata tu 
seronok lettew , LOL

*katahati* jealous jealous gilaaa , huh

fyi , something not-that-really-big-thing is under construction so

*intonasi upinipin* tunggu tunggu tunguu 

 rawwrrawwr , iloveyou ♥

Friday, May 6

Get Ready Fo The Real Thing !

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann

layan anwar hadi , whatever i wanna say in this post have been said by Anwar Hadi :)

Play it , Listen to it and don't Pause it !

eh eh , makin menawan anwar hadi , aww aww
err , Dato' Dato'

Ticking Tock fo UPU result so so you need-have-must pray fo me
hoping that there will be a place fo me in UiTM so that Ibu wont be upset :')


 rawwrrawwr , iloveyou ♥

Thursday, May 5

Dizziness of Inspiration

Assalamualaikum , Wa'alaikumsalam *sayatolongjawabkann 

Titlle pun dah mengarut -.-
okay , its true. i'm off balance in heights
i'm afraid of heights , yeah 'boo' me , idontgiveadamn

Yesterday , all my trouble seem so far awaay ~ by the Beatles , lol

sibuk nak naik loteng tinggi tu cari ilham katanyaa -.-
they need to make a notice nak berhanti kerja , ilham tiada

and and bila bosan ini hasilnyaa

 kami anak-anak hyper 

eh eh wait wait sat
ddy , bulan and im it is not perfect without yaa

fyi , ibu suap makan nasi briyani tadi
jealous ta jealous ta jealous kann ?
kdah kbye


 rawwrrawwr , iloveyou ♥

Wednesday, May 4

Just Brrbb-ing ?

Hey peeps , rawrawr !

Brrb , gosok perut , Alhamdulillaaaah ...that is ?
 why not youguys cont baca doa ini dengan lagu lagu nyaaa , just like in a kindergarten 


"Segala pujian bagi Allah yang telah memberi makanan dan  minuman kepada kami, dan yangtelah menjadikan kami orang-orang muslim."

eh eh , remember this
dont breath while drinking and jangan tiup tiup makan/minuman yang panash

that is all fo today so ask me anything , insyallah terjawab  

saya bukan alim -.- still improving
nak sharing pun salah ke ?

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Tuesday, May 3

Tingkatan 6 Bawah

Hey peeps , rawrawr !

so the answer is NO !
confirm ibu mara if i say yes to this , aiyoo

Persoalan :
1. Uniform sekolah , fo sure la kann -.-
2. Waste of time (Ibu kata bukan saya kata)
3. Memang confirm masuk U but 2 years , bebaloi ke ?
4. Help me to make decision !


eh wait ! others pun maybe dapat but confirm dorang tana juga
Awesome Creatures , text me if youguys read this !

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥