Sunday, April 8


Diploma International Business's students had a trip to Sasana Kijang in The Bank Negara.

The purpose of this trip is to collect as many information as we can for the assignment. This is the first time ever buat lawatan sambil mengumpul maklumat. LOL damn we are luckyy

Sasana kijang is OPEN TO EVERYONE. Its like a library but NOISES ARE EXPECTED!
This is the coolest library I ever been

This is just a part of it. PART OF IT!! and yeahh this will be my favorite place to chill.

with them. on my way nak pergi MIHAS. The best place to be when you love FOOD like me!

while waiting in front the entrance. fyi we are the only student are allowed to get in. 
BEAT THAT BEAT THAT, naaa na naa nanaaa~ hahahah
this trip is on purpose of assignment okayy, lol it was fun fun fun and exhausted day.

*favorite place*

and yeahh my assignment look amaaaaaaayy-zing. damn nice. lol i wish i can upload it.
talk to you later alligator..

rawwrrawwr , aiviyeuw