Saturday, January 29

Day Out

McDonald with DoolyTee
as usual laa kan
siapa lagy yang nak lunch bersama sama saya

shopping shopping sikit
cardigan cardigan same same maa
thanks tee kerana mengalah , hee

and and
we find an awesome book

yeay yeay 
youguys look similar laa 

Lets play Hide and Seek
with Pinky Piggy

setelah penad besuka ria
sambung project dengan tee at my house
we made a lot of video and photo
video buruk sangat sangat
kami nyanyi dan bermain guitar

malu malu

we had a great time oh

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Friday, January 28

Guitar Lesson

i spend my un-spend time with learning a new song
i learn the easy part at YouTube , fo sure laaa

nak tutor , tiada 
so need to learn on my own
abah busy
bole laa daripada tidak bole lansung 

so today i learned Carta Hati by Najwa Latif
and and
Kalau Bepacaran (covered version) 
thanks to Najwa Latif

suara dia best , sedap didengar
and and 
lagy bestlaa daripada Ana Raffali 
haha , kejam
i dare to say the truth
so , if ta suka i'm sorry 
its an opinion laa 

so i will learn and and learn

fo those yang hebad bermain guitar , please ajar saya :D
free bole ?

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Wednesday, January 26

Complicated .

aiyoo , penat laa if hari hari macam ny

why me man 
are we losing it or it is a beginning  
what did i do wrong 
revenge on me is it ?
'' leave me'' i wish i could say that
but i cant do it say it make it
i guess i am just your average girl
what is in your mind  ? cuba bagi tahu , let me know
do you really in love with me ?
do you ?
jawablaaa , why diam diam ?

i am clueless 
how to choose
which one is right
you cheated on me laa so its a big thing
again again and again
 and and
you ask me to stop crying ?

i am giving up here
but but i cant do the final wave
i love you
and and now
i hate saying that
but really i do love you 

but but do you know the worst part is you dont even care 

thanks moci 

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Tuesday, January 25

Imbas Kembali

saya ke kedai kak Ela :D
*budak sekolah agama Atayyibin kenal

ice cream Pop
ice cream Milo

rindu sekolah agama .

i am the prefect fo sekolah agama
time tu excited sangat dapat jadi pengawas tau
bekuasa la konon
pekara wajib nak join
and and
actually sekolah agama and my house dekat
so bile dah balik kebangsaan
dapatlaa tido lama-lama
jealous laa 
and and
i really close sangat dengan ustazah-ustazah
lagy la rinduuu

i wonder what happen dengan others .

oh memories

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Monday, January 24

Forbid ♥

D E A R ,  I  M I S S  Y O U  !

i miss your unforgetable faces .
i miss your warmth , the feeling i get when i'm with you 
i miss the time when you hold my hand 
or or  pull me closer when we cuddle
i miss the way you look into my eyes 
and and just smile like i actually mean something to you 
i am so glad i met you
and and talking to you make my day

i just cant stop saying this 

i am under your spell and i kinda i like it 
 make it stronger and and i will never stop loving you

i   l o v e   y o u   t o u g h - g u y  .

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Sunday, January 23

Question Mark .

i warned you 
this gonna be a not-so-interesting-bored-confess kind of entry
hear me if you love me

what should i do fo more .
i am clueless man :'(
i hope you know that i tried
i tried harder than you ever thought 
i love you dear
and and 
honestly , i hate it 
i dont want to end this with goodbye
i am not strong like i use to
i cried myself to sleep thinking that
 i might lose you forever oh

*reality sucks

i miss you
missing you
i miss you too much
and and i cant stop saying that

i love you
you are mine
i am yours
and and please mark this .

i really do in love with you 
and and the truth is

what is on your mind dear ?
tell me

i am sorry fo this .

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

Saturday, January 22

Free Hug anyone ?

I want a hug .

Like one of those 
-leaves-me-breathless-gives-me-so-many-butterflies-it-makes-me-laugh- kind of hug . 
can i have it ? 

rawwr , iloveyou ♥

I'm too shy to say this to you .

Hey Forever (love)

i want you to know that i like you
 you are so cute man , cant stop stalking your page 
but i am afraid that i am not the one who you want to be with
but i really do like you 
i dont have gut to say this to you
pffft -.-'

 rawwr , iloveyou  

Farewell Brotha♥

sob sob sob

grrr , adik adik is leaving me
my lil brotha dapat MRSM Kota Putra 
lepas Safwan this time Syakir pulaa
my mum actually cried when MARA called her 
said that my brotha diterima
so so today
my mum , Syakir and myself
spend time
lunch at Cozy House * favorite restaurant
shopping shopping
walking running

i'm gonna miss you lil brotha 

this sunday maybe ikut ke terengganu
cause chances nak jumpa lagy memang tipis
meh la tisuuu cepat
takkan nak bia my tears flow je
pray fo him

eh eh 
lupa pulaa
tady pergy Sogo , jumpa Alyah
then tempat keje dye need worker
secara rakus i filled up borang tu
and and
dye interview
dah dapat if start next week
tapi Rabun *follower setia tahu siapa said yang cost tinggi
so kene fikir betul betul
and and
nak ke abah tu bg keje

oh oh oh

bosan nye post ny

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Thursday, January 20

Mad at You Moci Ezea !

  WANTED !  

ask me why ,
cepatlaa tanyaa !

grrrr , cepatlaaa !!

ugggghhh , lambat sangat 
let me tell you why

cause Moci you ny tiba tiba je minta photo then buad post bout i
malu laa , haha

takot ta takot ta ?
garang kan kan kan

we are blender ,
can mix everything up 
and and
we are sebulu *bak kata Moci

why i call her Moci , hell with it laa
dont even care 

yeay yeay

*post masuk air

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Ellyin Fellya

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   S E N O R I T A 

 miss you a lot fat  

read your inbox fo wishehs , rawwr

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Monday, January 17

Khurafat Day

Not much too say
but too much to share * what ?

Best laa

actually  i dont really get it time the end but dah kene explain beribu kali baru faham the whole story
story line dye nyata but someone like me to understand it
err ,  BFF  knows better : D

btw , awesome date awesome movie

eh , wait did i said date ?
i mean day , awesome day .
i'm careless sometimes

so this is my way to fill up my boring no-work-to-do-day
my girls busy working 
and and
 i am alone waiting fo them
to ask me out or do something crazy like we use to 

but i guess , ya no *spanish .
things change 
i admit
i really hate it
i miss you guys

por favor , call me .

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Sunday, January 16

Farzana Farzanto contest ♥

Hey , setelah di pujuk and being pushed 
I decided to join this contest from Farzana Farzanto
so if you guys nak join too must be her follower dulu .

Hadiah yang ditawarkan is a Dress by Pelangiwardrobe Hannah
so obviosly open to girls and if guys yang nak join pun , you are welcome to .

three category and each one only have one winner so be creative
you must make an entry bout this contest 
and the closing date is 10/2/2010

so be creative and let me win , hee
i mean , pray fo me guys 
may the Best Blog win : D
insyaallah me , amin 

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Lil Brotha ♥

 ♥    H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   M Y  D E A R  

i'm too shy to say to my adik that akak sayang wan  

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Saturday, January 15

'L'ying plates ♥

♥    P   A  S  T   

section A       12/15

section B       24/25

 section C       10/10

     LULUS     42/50 

    MARKAH     46/50  

*my marks fo the test :DD 

yeah , sounds corny kan *hellwithit
just wanna share this

and and

my mum and dad , thank you ((hugs))

thanks to my beloved and awesome friends too
cause prayed fo me 

wish me full and and dozen of luck   ♥

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Friday, January 14

Dreams .

 ♥ thank fo the memory ♥ 

i will never forget the day you ask me fo a date 
and the way you look at me 
it was adorable .

yes , i love you too 

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Thursday, January 13

Arts In You

i'm so so so freaking amaze with this one awesome guy work of art .

try this one and read with your heart and imagination
then you will know how it feel .

he admit that tittle cerpen tu jadi the huge hole for him but he did a great and awesome art .
we need to support him and we should be proud of it cause
still ada lagy manusia and REMAJA who have passion in arts 
like Poem , Short Stories and this is something that need to be explore .
 this is a way where we can express ourselves and our thought without being judge .

i talk Poem and you should try too .
kita penuh dengan Arts but we never try to make it real
so trust me man , you can do it if you have faith on it .

wohoah , too much word to express 
hee , so try laa bace art dia 
especially yang ad sensitive heart
confirm menitis and you will be so touch .

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥ 

Tuesday, January 11

My Polluter

Adakah anda sedar bahawa 
bumi kita sedang sesak bernafas disebabkan oleh Pencemaran Bau .
saya disini ingin menyeru anda semua yeh yeh untuk ...

Err , dah dah mengarut rubbish bush bush

i'm not the type who Go Green sangat 
sikit sikit only maa , HAHA
so dont get me wrong man .

HAHA *again,teruja kot

It just i really want to share this with you guys
about my lovely awesome cute Polluter .
Highlighted meaning that its important laa , hee

tiny eyes
shy shy shy

 whoah , sempurna *haha 

yeah , i do in love with Polluter
but there is a thing than bothering me 
sangat sangat bothered
i'm trying to put a trust to count on him

oh i love you Polluter
yeah really do 

we already do the
 Pinky Promise
and and 
Cross Your Heart

i'm alone and tidak beguna lagi if you break it
so please keep this promises and our friendship will never end

and and

please make sure you take a bath , fluently .
thank you

. The End .

with love


I really need you b 

sob sob

i love you .

*post hate hate tu deleted cause i HATE to see that in my blog .

i'm sorry 

I am 


Sunday, January 9

OH N-O-O-H !

yeah rite ,
i'm not expecting that could happen


Apa nak buad , keputusan dah buad .
no way dorang nak tarik balik decision , tittle and trophies tu .

i really ada high hope that Yunalis Zarai or Faizal Tahir
will be announce , tu kecewa sangat

sob sob

but but
they did a great awesome performances

and and

that is the reason why me and my innocent face
stay tecengang depan screen tuu
if ta , memang tiada masa

i really support anda and hoping fo more surprising performances on 2012

CONGRATS , again

and and

p/s ; jangan boros .haha

 rawwr , iloveyou ♥