Wednesday, December 29




i miss you like you`re the only boy left in this universe
i need you badly like i need my shower cap when i dont want my hair wet
i`m in love with you like i saw a swift sport car in purple color *wajiblaa
you`re needed just like my need-to-do-things  before I up up and away in my dreamland
you`re always give me free hug whenever i need it
so so
you`re my all lah ,kan senang .

♥  MYCY 

i really had no idea that 
you`ll be so so mustahak to me .

and and

kiss me while you can hold me
 while you can lift me up while you can hereby me .
*read it continually 

but but

sometimes i just  CAN`T HOLD IT  any longer
we`re so far away and its  HURT ME . 

you don`t know how much  LOVED  you make me feel .

I won`t ever let you go 
even you hurt me a billion time or more .

and and 

i`m so malu malu 
sangat sangat 
cause being too sweet today 


i`ll stop being too sweet and stop typing sweet word 

soo that my blog won`t get a diabetic .

oh oh wait  HUNNYBERRYPIE  !

whoah , dont mad at me

okay okay

i`ll stop now :)


Maria Elene Zarul TUTORIAL

you`re so awesome !
waaah , sangat teruja nyy
wait !
can i be like her ?
yeah , IN MY DREAMS !
hey , its okay what i still can be her in my dreams , will ya ?
 NO NO ! hahahaha*evil laugh
so enjoy this tutorial yang awesome amat ini 

enjoy enjoy

Hilarious , yeah I already know
*tahan gelak

and and

Dont Judge her negatively kerana negative = tolak
so if you keep tolak tolak , jatuh laa iaa
HAHA *gelak on my own joke 

oh oh wait
tertingal this this

You Inspired Me :)

Tuesday, December 28


sob sob

I Miss You 

*serious faces

Hey , I`m not crying .Its my eyeball`s sweat .

Let start it babeeh , ooohhhh yeeaah ! 

OMG ! you~re so beautiful like you use to laa .
mahu mohon ampun cury photo :)
this is my favourite *
btw , sudah lama terpisah and i`m waiting fo the day we`ll meet

sob sob

*the eyeball sweat laa , adoyy

Najwa Silences

haa , si ayu ny pun sudah lama terpisah dan dan sangat laa ayu
eh eh , boys , taken laa .booya !HAHA
sorry juga curi photo :)
really miss you oh oh
kakcik :' )

scary rite ? HAHA , maaf curi photo yang ini
tersangat menarik oh kak limah`s daughter .
happy holiday and really miss you oh
last jumpa after you finish your accounts
boohooo :' )

the longest name compared to others :)
yeaah , it just me or she really make your eyeball ....hee
cantik kan , jealous 
but but
miss you oh oh miss you juaa
lagi laa lama , lat met time account juga :' )

some goes to her :')
long time no no no see
I Miss You Gorgeous .

and and
the others who i dont really miss but i really miss is ;

she`s not that far from so no worries
hee , yeee i know .your licenses cant wait to be in your purse
grrr * jealous 

the second-longest name :)
rindu sikit cause dah lepaskan rindu dah
so besyukur , hee

rindu sikit juga cause dah jumap so sikit jee 

I dont really miss you laa 
like everyday tenguk so ta rindu laa , HAHA

muka cina kulit Oprah Winfrey 
but but
she have the cutest faces that hard to find anywhere else
hee , dont be mad yeaah

remember this on MonsterYee`s Sign Photo by MYA post
miss her sikit juga .

and and

seharuslaah sayangsayang kuh , hadoyaiyy 

*nomore pictures of them
dah terlalu full untuk post korang punya photo , AGAIN

but but

 I really do MISS YOU guys :)

fyi ,
in case youguys tak tahu ,   the blue color   is the link to this awesome girls .

not forget ,  


Monday, December 27

Part 2 : Account One 2010 *last batch

ada gambar baru bole story :)

so so 
you guys know rite that Account 1 is the only class sit for economy paper
and and
blaaa blaaa blaaa 
time gedikgedik snap photo gilagila
 Choqa :) and me hug hug then sedang gilagila hug
kami JATUH !
HAHA , thanks to Shikin Layra :) fo snap-kan this moment
seriously outta control 
and and 
we cant stop laughing at each other .
oh oh , what a day :)

btw , this photo here .baru jumpa so enjoy :)

try to make a sad faces 
owwwh , dont blame us fo be the cutest :)

we love our bag pack , not anymore !

sob sob :')

Happy Ending : )

Thursday, December 23

Birthday Breakfast .

text massage ; qa , esok bangun awal .myra ,dyra , naza ajak breakfast yang lain busy .
join join la auw ! jam sembilan aku datang .

sedang mamai membaca so tak tekejut sangat laa .
while Taylor Lautner nak give a big kisskiss suddenly Sony Ericson theme song kedengaran
 Its Tia *kacau betul , haha tanya dah siap or belum .
I just woke up , daaa ? haha , nak make it short , seriously so shock holiday*haha 
mereka tidak pernah nak breakfast se-early itu and and it was an a-w-s-o-m-e breakfast !


suppose kami yang belanja Mya 
sudah terbalik !
btw , thanks fo the meal birthday girl lola mya :)
sangat sedap dan mengenyangkan

and and

Happy Birthday Mya , again ((hugs))

resit resit *nak juga

Old Town Okay !

Special Greeting for Mya

*my fav photo

you may have the

greatest look
greatest husband-wannabe
greatest skills
greatest   hobby 
greatest  love 
greatest sporty car
greatest cousin and family
greatest award 
greatest gift

but but but

you can`t beat the greatest thing I ever have 
  a best friend like YOULola Mya . 

oh oh , may this year be the best birthday ever !

princess wishes will always come true
but in a different way :)
trust me .

iloveyousofreakingmuch !

Tuesday, December 21

SJ Girls !

While menjelajah Facebook rakanrakan
secara tibatiba te-click on this photo ;

SJ Girls :)

freaking miss you guys !

*i`m fat , HAHA

Monday, December 20

Account One 2010 *last batch


oh oh my god !
please , close your eyes 


The greatest gift I ever had .
Thanks God fo giving me this :)

I`ll treasure our memory 

and and

tears and laugh we faced together make us more stronger

we`re family 
one big beautiful yet craziest creature
that always love and cares bout each other 

* chines girls too

oh oh , i love you !

Friday, December 17


away to Melaca

Family Day : )

pray fo my family selamat pergy and balik .

whooooaahahhh !
oh oh , hotel sejuuuk .
dah lama ta mandi swimming pool
fuhyoo , air dye biruuuuu
gila laa
haaaaaa .
*teruja teruja , HAHA

btw , dont worry
I`ll bring my Economy`s TEXTBOOK .

it just one thing yang make me worry sangat : (
my boo think that we can meet there but i dont know
he sounds so excited when heard that i`ll go there
even my mum text him tell him that we`ll go fo a family day
but i dont think that we can meet
oh oh dear ,
i dont want to disappoint him
hope everything will be just alright 
or maybe not 

but but

i dont know
i dont know

oh oh , miss him .

Wednesday, December 15

Cant Hold IT Any Longer !


love ,
I dont need those things
I dont need a ring
I dont need a candle light dinner
I dont need anything
cause in your company
I fell happy 
oh so happy and complete

hunnybee , 
giving me kisses all the time
and and
be mine valentine

oh oh , mi amor 

I know , sweet rite .
s t o  p  i t !

thanks love :)

this is so sad .

iloveyou : (

are you my friend or what ?

do you love me friends ?

will you be with me forever ?

which one of you are really truly mine ?

are we meant to be ?

what friends is all about ?

sob sob sob '(

Monday, December 13

Birthday Greeting Delivery :)

Happy Birthday
عيد ميلاد سعيد

maligayang kaarawan

bon anniversaire

O tanjō-bi omedetōgozaimasu

buon compleanno

plurimos annos
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो

sinh nhật vui vẻ

χαρούμενα γενέθλια

생일 축하

and and 

Remember ! 

You're not getting older, you're getting better.

Count your life by SMILE :)
Count your age by FRIENDS.

and and

Hoping that your day will be as fabulous as you are.

oh oh oh !

I'm so glad you were born ,

 Kerana Kerana

 you brighten my life and fill it with joy .

yeaaaa , I`m suweetion :)


 I love love love you , Dear :)

Sunday, December 12

Away ~

Away To Pahang :)

Nikah Tunang

Pagy , Pergy
Malam , Pulang

END , hee

Friday, December 10

Full of Wonder

thanks guys fo making my day 

A-W-E-S-O-M-E !

others , dont be so jealous !
It just after having lunch at McDonald , we take a walk .

and and

TIA , I already balik dulu  .
maaf maaf :)

and and 

I know you guys busy sangat rite so never mind .
I`m use to it .

dengan orang lain boleh , but if it is me ..

 :( sob sob 

Thursday, December 9

MonsterYee`s Sign Photo by MYA

B E H O L D . .

Gracias ma ma mya ,
I`m clicking 'like' fo you . hee

and and

*the one who I asked for 

where is YOURS !

* g  r  r  r  r  r - i n g

Wednesday, December 8

Tear To Tears .

y e s ,

 I  a m  L O S T !

a n d  a n d 

 A L O N E ,

l i k e   I   u s e   t o  .

S T O P  !

F A K I N G  I T  D E A R .

I t   T E A R S   m e   u p

t o   T E A R   y o u   d o w n  .

Tuesday, December 7

Hijrah New Year

Kullu Aam Wa Antum Bikhair

with lots of cozy love , monster yee 


Once upon a relaxing and cozy day ..

Bonda : kakak habis account then tade paper rite ?

MonsterYee : mak debab , ada ada paper lagy .Economy , the last day of SPM , grrr !

Bonda : *giggling Oh yeea ? tatau laa , kesian anak debab ny .
             Just nak inform you that ada singging competition time family day ibu nanty so nak join ?

MonsterYee : Wowowowo ! hadiahadiah ?

Bonda : Join , Win then you will know what is it . *angkat kening

       I decided to join and lari naik bilik to star practising but on my way nak anik tangga ..

Odah : Ibu janganla bagy kakak masuk .nanty tsunami datang Melaka .taak nakk ! 

Terus belary ke arah Odah mok then geletek dia dengan kejam .
hahahha *gelak jahat

seeking a song to sing !