Thursday, November 22

Birthday Shout Oout!



Both of them are important in my life. Really really important to me myself.
 We have been together for quite long time. Have been ups and downs together. 
Thanks to both of you for being there for me and accept me the way I am.

So for this Happy Birthday shout out..

May god bless you
Permudahkan urusan 
Murah rezeki
Panjang umur

Tia cepat cepat laa naik pelamin dengan Zul, Insha Allah.
Firdaus, cepat ketemu jodohh yee :)
And all my best prayer for both of you.

Love you both so much and cant wait to meet up and celebrate thiss.




Tough week. Final week. And I almost done with semester two.
Honestly, I dont feel like to have a semester break 
and there is no-more-exciting-day-ever for this upcoming sem break.
I guess I just cant wait to finish this shit. Not really a shit, shit refer to life Ive been through here.

Well I really miss the group laugh moment, the cheers, the stupid joke, talking bout others, eating..yadayadda
Its have been awhile. Am I growing too fast? Am I old? Grosssssssss~~
Im not ready for the future but yet I cant run.

Praying for the best for myself. Really need a group hug.


Thursday, November 8

Farewel Event


Wafiy took my burger. Well I cant handle a guy with huge appetite.

Its been awhile since my last update. Get used to it cause Im no longer a Bloger Tegar.
We are in the final mood now. Wish me luck and would you pray for me?
 Thanks for yes-ing and Huhh for no-ing :D

Ohh recently Miss Mahjabin ask DIB 3A to have a small-farewell-night event for Marketing.
Well she decided to have a debate and of course the ADVERTISING GROUP WIN!! and its my group.
And this is the time where she will announce the Best Participant, Best Presenter, Best Student in her class.
And guess what? 


Among all of them Im the chosen one and this is not what I expected. Well I thanked her for this 'award'. Really, it is really valuable. 
Before the event end, Wafiy and some of them keep on asking either we want to stay in the same class for next semester. Hahahah this is so touchyy.. well I guess we will be in the same class.
Here to photo teaser from DIB3A