Tuesday, August 31

I poet

i hear the raindrop ticking 
reminds me of you
it stays in my mind
i see that's something i just can't do
from the way you would hold me
to the sweetest things you told me
i just can't find a way to let go off you

i lay down and full of tears
knowing that you`re not by my side
i cant take another day without you
cause i could never make it

your love is real
its capture everything that i feel
i made up my mind
to get along with you
even though
 i`m not deserve it
i need you now
i needed you then
and i always need you 
and for sake of heaven
i love you more than the words do
till the sky falls apart


Happy Independence Day !

like HE said 
Rakyat Didahulukan
Pencapain Diutamakan

Its our country 53rd  Independence Day :)

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Monday, August 30

i`m all alone in school :)

spending time in class by my on , its so hard !
going to school fo no reason and no teman , accept fo agama :)
thanks god there is Fiona , Syed , Mayol ,my Girly Girl and others ,
not really that bored laa but still missing my girla ..hha

btw , MERDEKA ! :) eventhough the officiall date is tomorrow
the spirit in me keep say MERDEKA MERDEKA ! *over pula ^^'
and the main reason why ter-over sangat is
 S.M.K Ideal Heights dah sambut dulu dah tadi ..
yang TEGEDIK GEDIK ta pergy tuu , memang ta dapat  this !

maybe  its nothing to you but still it worth sangat sangat tau !
soo , time assembly , we`re proudly singing a Jalur Gemilang song 
and cikgu gave us each of us a flag (fat n me took two flag , ngee)  kecil , ke ai and cute !
but there is something diff with this flag , try to find it and HINT me with an answer .

eh eh , almost forgot ..
bout the break up thing .
next week o when i`ve a time to reveal the reason why it happen , i`ll be pleased to share :)
insya`Allah i`ll tell you A.S.A.P. before the bad rumors spreading bout this .

that is all fo today o fo now :)
as usual , i`m waitin fo the next chap ..

meeting HIM , but its raining ..
hoping that it will stop , amin ((

Sunday, August 29

oh fairy ! fulfill my wishes , would you ?


wishing to dance along with you , but you terencut encut :)
terencut-rencut pun layan je laa ..
hha , i love you sayang :)
sorry fo the iklan , hhee
btw , imagine that we actually doing this
but the lifting part , b larat ke ? hhha
miss you darla , ohoh
p/s ; i update ny time kite sedang begayut
you sedang mengayat , make me smile , tesengih , maluuu nyee

Saturday, August 28

byebye white skin , hye blacky blacky ((

Semakan Online
Semakan Status Terpilih Siri 8/2011

 CATATAN:Tahniah, anda terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011

wishing for the best laa , i guess 
geesh ! dying laa nyah ..
hoping that dapat di MELAKA :)
and dekat dekat yang boleh or maybe SABAH SARAWAK ,waah
demanding tau , tp like i care
fyi , kebanyakan who named syafiqah dapat tawaran NS ny , hha 
yang merisaukan adalah , my skin :(
but hell with it , crying till death pun kne join juga , isk isk
btw , kak wawa da support .she said nothing to worry about 
;) so memang taya risaulaa 
hope you guys ta lupe aku :(
i heard that my girls na hang out next year 
waaa , saje je oh ! berany laa korang :)
eh eh , nty time aku pergy uh ..iring aku yee
takot korang rindu yang teramatlaa sangat so fo  avoidin that , hanta laa aku yee :)
plus plus , when i can go back home , for sure laa korang kene ada ! meet me !
hha , gile gile ..
blum pape da demanding !
for those yang kne juga , GOOG LUCK ! you need it ..
my mum excited sangat when she know that i`m the choosen one 
grr , so doakanlaa keselamatan ku .. amin ;)

Saturday, August 21

hard to say yes again :(

The break up
Thanks fo the thing and stop persuade me and mengayat lebih lebih
its suckish !
thanks fo the maki hamun too
we can be friends
thanks a lot ))