Sunday, July 25


exclusive for TEENAGERS :)

any request , email us or search it on Facebook !
link to the pillars for the great generation.
AGEM  Malaysia stand for 
Angkatan Generas Esok MUBARAK Malaysia
its a societies and open for public , especially for TEENAGERS !

sorry , bahasa rojak :)
i just wanna share this to my great friends cause it is my responsibility
to spread the word and its time for me to stand up and to be proud of 
being the pillars fo next generation that will conquer the world (someday).
this association will be official on 31st of July .
However , It is still under progression so wait for more .
add us on Facebook and support the AGEM..
This association call for the teenager that have the guts 
to be the pioneer and the pillars for the next generation.

we`ll invite you for an activities and any event or meeting .
we are sorry for any difficulty .

enough dgn iklan :)

now , my story ..

lame ta update ouh ..
bru jumpa lappy and korang pun dont have time to read my crappy blog , an an ;))
who cares , hha !
when dah dapat photo , i will post e blog about it A.S.A.P. :))
its really great month and i will face the trial soon
so a lot of work to do bebeh !
geesh , may god bless me :)
damn i really need a break but in my dreams laa ..
wait for the next ..

Sunday, July 4

Dyra The Blues

dyra yaakop
kawan <3

and and

sorry sorry sorry

and and

your fabulously birthday !