Saturday, May 29

Princess Ieqa `s Day

ieqa ab talib

greatest twin-kle
penyayang *hha 
a princess
friend <3

and and

your birthday day full of  fabulousness .

Sunday, May 23

tears drop on my lappy

I was crying all the time without knowing
and all the `wh` quest ..
its hurt for me crying all night and worst part is without any reason
maybe i know its about something but which one ?
i`m not a good explain-er and its hard for others to understand me
and hard for me too to make others know what i want
its just so hard for me , and hurt too
this kind of things can cause me to commit a suicide
but naaa , i wont laa
i`m not gila sangat to do that
hha , sengal sengal
fyi , i love my friends and the everyone who loved me
but do they ? in what way i would know ..
grrr , nonsense je pe aku ckap ny
nga ta betul , crying crying and just crying
i wish i could have a perfect life that i want
but i know its a fairy tale like us to create in my day dreams
damn , i wish it comes true
need a cup of a cake

       with love ; i love you !
       and i wish could have it
       it really calm me and
       it will make me
       happy and smiling :)

Tuesday, May 18

Nona Qeela .

qeela tamsr

silences to stranger 
fun fun
friends <3

and and

may god bless you ,

Birhtday Girl <3

Friday, May 14

girl fight [ love in jealousy ]

stop blaming each other and put the blame on you !
in life ,we need a privacy sometimes .
as a bff , we to support not to make her life more miserable
plus ,she dont have any one dah yg dye boleh count on .
give her a chance to appreciate the precious moment she had before its gone !
dye an da lama sendyry ,cbe if kite at her shoes ,maybe we will do the same thing
we are friends . suppose we need to be there for each other ,supportive and with cares ..
i dont wanna loose the one who i love most , AGAIN !
please i`m begging badly ..
even though i`m not your bff o bf or your friends but please
solve it in a professional way , jangan ikot sangat emosi sayang..
we known each other better rite ?
come on dear !?
maybe dye ade reason lain to do it or maybe she will tell us lambat sikit ..
or maybe dye happy sngat
we have to admit , if kte happy sangat ,for sure we can forget bout everything ..
like we use to ;)
positive la dear ..
please ,learn to understand other people feeling and wujud an empati dlm diri ..[ psk, ngee~]
i do love you and i love her and our friendship 
please , calm and think wisely dear ,
we are friends ! tego kwn in person and praise her to public
that is the way it happen ,for sure
please ,i treasure my friendship and i do not have anyone else to trust and be at my side
i love you ,really do !
dont get me wrong k , its for our own good .
i`m sorry if my word hurt you my dear , ilysm !

Thursday, May 6

tuiton ; lil story

WAWZ penyibuk !
eeeyy !
boleyh pula wearing the same shirt color ,mg kne bahan laa .
WAWZ uh laa ,sibuk jee .
tady aku tego sikit je ,pika ta tego lansung and Maama[ leeya ] tego sikit cause na ajak wear baju kurung esok .
Plastic sungguh WAWZ uh !
eeeeyyy ,gewam sangat !
bialah ,asal an dye happy with the thing she do .
btw , not bother laa
tady de iklan jap before na balik

ny je yg sempat na snap ,maaf kalian .ngee~
all in sudden ,classmate sorak cm dapat anugerah je
padahal sijil penyertaan je ..
Ikhwan uh sebuk je na jual muke agak comel uh
hha ,maty aku pika and maama dpt tau . ngee~
agak huduh uh aku tp memng dah huduh an ,
so wat pape pun huduh juga ..hha

Maama pun sebuk na enter frame ouh ,hha
dunnoe why we are laughing at that time .
No joke ,it just us .
so ny lah yang terhasil when happy sangat .
still cantik leeya ;D
she`s amazing ,caring and loving friends ever !
ilysm Nurul `Aliyah !

btw ,our class is the best then others in SJ Education [proud]
and we are like a family ,loving and caring of each other .
Sometimes not really close but we always together laa .
A class`s student , I Love You [not including the bitch]
bhhhaaahaa [devil laugh ]

FYI , ak skipping classes n teeqa too .
kamy sehati sejiwa !
dye tau aku taa gy ,dye pun memonteng .
gilak aku tme at home alone .
online ,no one !
btw , cant wait for new story .

[fullstop] ilysm

Wednesday, May 5

BACKSTABBER ! [ wawz ]

Someone told me about one girl
who budak paling baik in my class !
a bitch ! ,
innocent faces ,
looks like an angel .
but the fact is she is the BACKSTABBER !
aku ta penah interrupt her life ,never make her life miserable
and I dont even care bout her lansung !
why on earth she would do that !
she said that I`m the one who change other people
from baik to jahat !
aku n leeya penyebab someone`s daughter change a lot .
the thing is ,bitch tu yang berubah and make thing worst !
The weird part is ,why ?!
what did I do sampay she dare to stab aku ?
If something yang I do its hurt you ,just tell me what .
I`ll promise not to do it again but this ??!
too much laa !
aku ta sangka ,muka baik sangat boley stab aku badly !
ouh shit !
We can trust NO ONE !
what should I do to her ?
I`m not that mean to kill her or make her life miserable
but I just wanna do something yang will make her realize it !
urrgghh ,
No wonder la she feel scared sometimes and jarang with me dah !
This is not what it call A Friends !
If you have somebody you trust ,dont really trust them .
I`m not influence you to be someone who anti-trust but try to not 100% laa .
sumpah sedih !
sangat sangat ;(

dedap n kumbang

ouhh !
what a day , I dont know where to start !
huh !
aku bru je tau about a fool bitch yg sudah dibency sejak azali lagy !
sumpah ! aku ta cye when aku tau benda tu depandepan aku secara life pulaa tu ,hahhah.
Dah lah cantik ,di minati ramai walaupun cam kampung sikit tapi takkan sampay mcm tu skaly ??!
okayy ,think this !
si bunga dedap ny sebenanye suke makan rambut when dye nga bosan !
imagine that ?!!
what a world !
dah la ta basuh rambut uh ,then pegy gigit-gigit !
dont mind la if just for main kat bibir ,
ny tak ,dye pegi telan rambut uh lpas gigit !
disgusting oyy !
harap muke je cantik ,pangay kampung n pengotor !
euuuwww  !
geli geli geli !

p\s ; bunga dedap uh , I cant tell you her real name is

Tuesday, May 4

Victory !

i wanna hear it from yaa
give me`W` !
an `I` !
I want `N`
more` N`
an` E`
need a `R`
yeeeeaaaah ,
 oh oh , YEAH !
for the 1st time involve this kind of competition
terus  menang !

even though dapt num 2 ,
okay looh than nothing ?
kalah cause aku laa ot .
aku gagap n teketar when final ouh
I do not know why ,
something doesn't seems right !
i wonder ..
mya dapt pemantun terbaik,two times
memang happy for her plus the jelousy tu mesti la ade !
dushdush !
whatever ,janji menang !
when the time aku shaking tu
otak TEPU !
`adik minta susu` pun kua
kesengalan teserlah !
FYI ,kitorang pkay kaen batik
na jaln ,we have to control ayu tau
swear to god ,1st time pakay ;D
berjaln si dara membawa puspa ,
dibawa juga sebungkus dedak ,
manakan tidak warisan dilupa ,
kain batik dipakai tidak .
still in `pantun` mood
my mum said ; I`m proud of you !


btw , New to BLOGGING :)

and this is my first UPdate !