Saturday, September 15



Well I busy month for me.

Rutin harian. 
8-4 Kelas kelas kelas
5-7++ Training training trainig
9-Zzz Siapkan itu siapkan ini monitor itu monitor ini
Dan seterusnyaaa...

Sabtu ahad belum tentu dapat rehat. Kadang kadang ada traiing or friendly. Bulan ni juga penuh dengan TEST, ASSIGNMENT, QUIZ and MACAMCAMXAMCAMACM!

MKT tak dapat nak perform real well. Assignment MKT, Alhamdulillah okay. LOG tak dapat lagi. 
Assessment banyak tertangguh which is not i recommended to all. Jangan tangguh kerja. LOL
Whatever it is, this is for future and will pay off. I just need to work my damn ass off for this. 
Well i got reall good classmate. They're just ohsemm!

Thank you

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